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Miss Martha Smith

August 20, 1984: Pre School Update

For those of you who don't know, I'm Martha Smith, your Muggle Social Studies professor for this year. I'm also the dorm advisor for Wayland Dorms, as well as the Student Advisor for students with last names S-Z. This is my general State Of The Dorm address for everyone.

First things first: The Rules of Wayland Dormitory.

Quiet Time begins at Eleven PM. After then, no loud noises in rooms or the halls. If you feel the need to be a little rowdy, stick to the lounge.

Curfew is Midnight. At that point, students need to remain in the dormitory for the night. You don't necessarily have to go to sleep, you don't even have to stay in your room, you can feel free to hang out in the lounge all you want.

Students must be in their rooms by One in the Morning. That's when I go to sleep, people, and if you cut into my sleeping time, I will Not Be Happy.

No Boys in Girls' Rooms after curfew and vice versa. Before Curfew is fine (with doors unlocked), but after midnight, this will not be allowed.

Respect One Another. I don't tolerate intolerance in my dorm. If you have a problem with someone, that's fine. Don't make it a public problem. The dorm's big enough that if you don't want to hang around someone, you don't have to. Don't disrespect your dorm mates (or anyone for that matter) and we'll get along fine.

Respect Personal Space. If someone's door is closed, knock before you go in. If someone is off on their own, don't just march over and bother them. If someone asks you to back off or give them some space, do it.

You Break it, You Bought it. Do not destroy school property, do not destroy the personal property of your fellow dormmates. If you break something, it is your responsibility to make restoration, end of discussion. Thank someone in the class of '83 for this rule. I still miss my TV...

Clean up after yourselves. The complaints from the house elves last year were absolutely absurd. You're big boys and girls, I'd hope you're all capable of throwing out your trash before it starts to grow things.

No smoking in public areas. Cigarette smoking is allowed in your dorm rooms if your roommate doesn't mind and as long as you keep a window open.

Drug Use On School Premises Will Not Be Tolerated. Period. I don't want any repeats of last year.

No Weapons. This should be a no-brainer: Weapons are not allowed on school grounds. If you find yourself in posession of one, please do your best to get rid of it before you are caught and expelled. I have a locked cupboard in my room for contraband, and if you would like, you can surrender these illegal items to me at the start of term where they will be kept safe for you until school vacations or the end of the year. This goes for anything you want to have kept safe and/or out of view of administration in general.

Your Dorm Advisor Does Not Bite. If you have a problem or a concern, don't be afraid to tell me about it. I'll do my best to help you out with whatever your problems are, so feel free to tell me if you've got a problem. I always keep what students tell me strictly confidential except when the law requires me to reveal it. If it involves drug use, crime, blatantly breaking school rules or threats to do harm to yourself or another person, I am required by law to alert the proper authorities, so please keep that in mind.

There, now that THAT's out of the way...

Things are fully prepared over at Wayland, and I've just re-hung the suggestion box on my door. (Apparently someone's suggestion on the last day of summer school was that I relocate the box to the roof of the equipment shed, but Tony Coach Clark was kind enough to bring it back for me and help me put it back.) I also spoke to the Soup Kitchen, and we're on for next Saturday morning.

Once again, the invitation is open to all students, not just the ones in Wayland: Anyone interested in helping out at a Boston Soup Kitchen should feel free to come to the lobby of Wayland Dorms (it's the light blue door on the right side of the dining hall) at 8:00 AM next Saturday morning. The soup kitchen is only a block away from Wayland's front door, and we'll be there for two hours, then grab some brunch on the way back (though you'll have to pay your own way, sorry). I'll be running this trip every other Saturday until further notice, and you don't have to sign up, just show up.

Also, starting soon: 7:00 PM on the first Sunday of each month will be Open Mic Poetry Night at Wayland. Once again, there's no sign up form, and admission is free, though you're more than welcome to contribute a dollar or two to the refreshment fund. Depending on funds, each month we'll try to have soda, chips and/or pizza. Bring original poetry, or something you wanted to share: the environment will always be supportive or else.

I suppose that's it for me. I've posted all of these notices on my door (Ground Floor, first door down the hall off the lobby) as well, over the suggestion box and under the bulletin board. If you need to reach me, comment in my journal, I check it often. If you want a face-to-face meeting, my classroom is in Shermer Hall, third floor, first door on the left and I'm generally to be found there, or in the office that's adjacent. During office hours at the Guidance Department, check in with the receptionist and she'll send you down to my office: last door on the left.

07:00-07:50 - Independent Study (by arrangement)
08:00-08:50 - Social Studies 4
09:00-09:50 - Social Studies 5
10:00-10:50 - Social Studies 6
11:00-11:50 - Social Studies 7
12:00-12:50 - Office Hours [Guidance Dept.]
13:00-13:50 - Social Studies 5
14:00-16:00 - Office Hours [Social Studies Classroom]
16:30-17:30 - Homework Help [Wayland Dorm]
21:00 on - Res. Duty [Wayland Dorm]

Have a great year everyone, and if you have any questions, feel free to see me.

[Locked to Professors]
For anyone who still hasn't got their living arrangements figured out for the year, there's still an apartment available here at Wayland on one of the boys' floors now that Mr. Kenny has decided he'd "rather live with a pack of wolves than stay at Wayland another year" to find accommodations elsewhere. I promise it's not nearly as terrifying as Kenny some people make it out to be, and the kids are really an okay bunch if you give them a chance.
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