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[Deputy Headmaster Bryce Ferris] August 20th, 1984

Hello Students, and welcome to another year at the Salem Witches' Institute. I'm Deputy Headmaster Bryce Ferris, Professor of Charms and Transfiguration and Dorm Advisor for Amherst Dormitories. I've got a great deal of paperwork to get back to, so I'll just cut right to the chase:

Rules for Amherst Dormitory.

Substance Abuse Will Not Be Tolerated. The use of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances is strictly prohibited at Amherst dormitories. Anyone caught using or in posession of these things will be assigned detention and have their contraband confiscated.

Amherst is a Quiet Dorm. This means that no loud noises will be tolerated at any time. Students who wish to have a quiet environment in which to study should be able to have that without issue here, and anyone violating this rule will be written up.

Curfew is 10:00 PM. Students are to be in the dormitory no later than 10:00 unless they have written permission from a faculty member or advisor requiring them to be out.

Adhere to Study Room Guidelines. The study rooms are available for students to use from 7:00 AM through 11:00 PM. Sign up forms are available on clipboards by each of the doors. Please do not go over your scheduled time.

Observe Proper Conduct Between Genders. Boys should not be in Girls' rooms, nor should Girls be in Boys' rooms. Exceptions can be made where homework is concerned, but fraternization is best left to public areas, and will absolutely not be permitted after curfew.

Observe the School Dress Code. Students should be fully dressed when out in the halls (exceptions can be made for pajamas or bathrobes). Please, no clothing that is exceptionally tight or revealing, and no shirts or clothing with inappropriate slogans. Caps will not be worn indoors, and undergarments should not be visible at any time.

That being said, please keep in mind that the access door between the Amherst common room and the Library will only work until 9:00 at night, when the library closes (except during exam/finals time). Peer Tutoring will begin after classes do, and anyone interested in being a tutor should sign up on the clipboard tacked to the bulletin board. Also, please see Professor Williams's post regarding Amherst's invitation to the Saturday brunch at Sheffield dormitories. Questions should, as always, be directed to,

Deputy Headmaster Bryce Ferris.
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