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[Professor Katherine Williams] August 20th, 1984: Inaugural Post

Greetings students, this is Katherine Williams, Professor of Advanced Potions and Dormitory Advisor of the Sheffield Dormitories. I've just finished sending the last of my Supply lists and dorm assignments to my students, and I thought it was time to set down some of my standard ground rules.

Proper Conduct is Essential. I expect for all Sheffield residents to be well-behaved at all times. Horseplay is not tolerated, nor is crude humor or general troublemaking.

Rooms should be kept tidy. We are not pigs and farm animals, I would expect that attendees of this school can at least clean up after themselves. Rooms will be inspected once a month to ensure that students are keeping neat.

Quiet Hours are from 9:00 PM onward. After that point, any infractions may result in detention or extra housekeeping chores. Please be aware that this has been changed from last year's 8:00 time.

Floors are separated by gender for a reason. Boys will not be permitted on the girls' floors, nor shall girls be permitted on the boys' floors. If you must socialize with someone of the opposite sex, you can feel free to do so in the common rooms.

Please Respect the Furnishings. Most of the furniture in Sheffield's rooms and common areas is old, valuable, delicate or a combination of all three. Students are expected to respect this, and anyone caught defacing school property will be forced to repair it or possibly to find another dormitory.

Listen to your Floor Advisors. Each floor will have a Floor Advisor who should act as a go-between for residents and myself. Please report infractions to them and listen to their instructions as they are authority figures and should be respected.

After the first week of classes, please remember we will be voting on Floor Advisors for the year. There are four positions available (one for each floor), and anyone who is interested in running should post their qualifications on the bulletin board in the main lounge. Voting will take place on an evening to be announced.

Also beginning after the first week of classes, Sheffield will once again be hosting Saturday Brunch at nine o'clock in the morning in the Parlor. Students in Sheffield and Amherst dormitories are invited to attend for a chance to socialize and have a formal meal. Formal dress is required, and punctuality is also appreciated. The brunch will run until about eleven o'clock.

Please be aware that there are several practice rooms available for students taking private instruction in piano, voice, stringed or woodwind instruments. There are three of these rooms, available by appointment or by signing yourself in, if a room is available. These rooms are available to all students between the hours of 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a note for me or see me in person at my classroom.
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