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[Coach Tony Clark] August 20, 1984: Hey from Ludlow

Coach Tony Clark here, Phys Ed instructor, Faculty Advisor and Dorm Advisor over at Ludlow Dorms. We're gearing up for more good times here at the dorms, and I picked up some new frisbees - hopefully this batch will stay off the roof.

First things first, though: Rules for Ludlow Dormitory

No Drugs. In addition to illegal drugs, this also includes Alcohol, Cigarettes and steroids. There are no exceptions.

Curfew is midnight. This is a school-wide policy, I can't change the rule. On weekends you can stay out later, but other than that: be in the dorm by midnight.

No Excessive Horseplay. Rough housing is fine, just try to keep it under control before you go breaking shit anything.

Use Common Sense. This isn't a comprehensive list of rules, I trust you guys to use common sense on the rest of this. Follow the rules for the school in general and if you're not sure you can do something, you probably can't ask.

Okay, as for activities this year, I'm probably going to be pretty busy with coaching (We will win the championship this year!), so I'm going to leave it up to some of the returning students to continue with traditions. Out back door lets out half a block down from a great park wtih an open field, and anyone who wants to start a pickup game of anything should feel free. Just sign out equipment from the game room off the lounge and make sure to bring everything back in one piece. In winter, I'm going to try and set up a foosball tournament, because someone expressed interest last year.

If you have anything you want to suggest, feel free to slip a note under my door or find me between classes some time, I should be around.

-Coach Tony
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